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2016 Weifang diesel marine electric business objectives: characteristically achieved growth

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On January 11, 2016, Weichai 2016 business shipping branch of the General Assembly convened, meeting to review the results of 2015, and established the overall idea for the 2016 and focused strategy. According to the plan, characteristically 2016 Weifang diesel marine electric business goal is to achieve growth.

In 2016, Weichai will continue to improve the product, meet the differentiated needs of customers, increasing investment in research and development and carry out product, and strive to build sequence, product layout to a greater area, meet the individual requirements of customers; continue to improve product quality and build core competitive advantages; increasing services, enhancement of security standards.

Products is the cornerstone for enterprise development and growth. At the meeting, Weichai highlights a variety of shipping products. After years of careful layout, marine gas engines, WHM160/170 engines and other products through the development and upgrade of Weichai have meet emissions standards series products. Among them, WHM6160 noticeable.

Based on market demand and product upgrading in the future trend in 2015, Weichai independently developed and launched the WHM6160, while maintaining the advantages of original products, and has excellent performance. Weichai WHM6160 series diesel engine is Weichai 60 diesel engine research and development experience, and absorb domestic and foreign advanced products mature technology, a new independent research and development of a new generation of medium-speed machines, with high reliability, high efficiency, high parts commonality.

It is reported that through the block, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and other parts of the structure optimization, reliability greatly improved, 20000h overhaul period; significantly reduced fuel consumption rate, to control levels, fuel consumption reduced by more than 50% machinery parts more than 170 products, universal 90%, and low maintenance costs.

On June 19, 2015 WHM6160 first sea trials the ship has been trouble-free operation for half a year, and has now accumulated dozens of units put on the market. Among them, the port of Dandong in Liaoning province, WHM6160 is currently running near 2000h with users compared to the original engine, fuel savings of 100L a day, reduce oil consumption by 50% above.

In 2015, Weichai WHM6160 series diesel engine to be recognized by the market, but it's definitely not Weichai's ultimate goal, where the layout of the product line is intended. 2016, Wei wood will do traditional products of upgrade work, speed up new platform products, and new fuel products development progress, consolidation products and technology advantage, improve products added value and core competitiveness; development for military, and communications, market of high-end generator (products library buy supply) group, improve Wei wood generator Group brand image and market competitiveness; relies on Wei wood powerful of development strength and integrated capacity, breakthrough key technology bottleneck, master core technology, speed up products emissions upgrade research, Upgrade requirements and lay a solid foundation for an effective response to emission regulations.

Weichai the elaborate layout of the product gave confidence to dealers. Yangzhou Wei wood sales service limited General Manager Chen Chunjun is 17 years Qian Wei wood first agents one of, annual of business Assembly, almost each are to participate in, he think this year of surprise special more: "in recent years, economic situation continued downturn, we has been in looking for breakthrough, this participants, understand to Wei wood in products aspects by do of many work, to has we confidence, 2016 must will has new breakthrough! ”

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