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Zhejiang Man Yang shipping engineering Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Zhenhai Manyang Shipping Co., Ltd establishes in 1993, which is located in Beilun, nearing to the famous port –Beilun port. The business scope of the company is: ship leasing, sand absorbing, hoisting and transportation of large pieces, offshore reef-explosive engineering, marine rescue, salvage and pipe connection.
Through many years’ innovation and development, the company’s comprehensive strength has improved continuously. At present, the company owns more than 20 vessels of small, medium and large size including cargo boat, engineering ship, crane ship, tugboat, sucking sand ship, anchor boat, reef-explosive boat and deck barge.

Ningbo Manyang Shipping Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Manyang Shipping Co., Ltd establishes in 2004.It is located in Meishan island, Beilun port which is good in environment and water condition. (The fifth bonded port in China)
The company gives priority to ship repair. At present, it has a dry dock of length154m×width26m×height7.5m, a 120T gantry crane, 10T, 20T, 25T bridge cranes total of 5 units; a turn-milling machine; a hydraulic press brake (600T), 120 units of various welding machines such as CO2 welding machine; 3 units of ARC welding machines; NC-GAS and PLASMA automatic cutting machines total of 4 units; 2 fork trucks (5T), 1 fork truck (15T); two air compressors of 20 cube and two air compressors of 25 cube. The total annual construction capacity reaches 60000 tons, construction capacity of each ship reaches 20000tons, and the total load of a boat under 20000tons can repair 50 boats per year. All these provide a good foundation and platform for the company to serve the society and promote local ship trade.

Ningbo Beilunn Baifeng Manyang Shipping Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo Beilunn Baifeng Manyang Shipping Co.,Ltd establishes in 2005, which is located in Qizhi village, Beifeng town, Beilun district, nearing to Chuanshan port.
The company specializes in cargo handling, lighterage, storage business, ship repair, marine rescue, parts manufacturing and sand desalting equipment manufacturing. It has a dock with the capacity of 5000tons, (including gantry shelve), two shipways with the capacity of 5000tons, three gantry cranes of 50tons, which are all good in performance. At present, annual construction capacity reaches 30000tons, and construction capacity of each boat reaches 5000tons. Now there are 4 aid ships which specialize in marine rescue and gains good reputation.