Zhejiang Man Yang Shipping Engineering Co., Ltd., is a private comprehensive enterprise in Ningbo, which is mainly engaged in port and marine engineering, coastal sunken ships and objects salvage, salvage at sea, sub sea pipeline installation and maintenance, offshore cable laying, coastal and offshore pile-works, ship oil pollution cleanup services, shipbuilding, ship charting, offshore and general cargo ship transport services alone the coast and in the Yangtze river, artificial and mechanical sandstone excavation, sand suction and blasting at sea, over-sized parcels lifting and transportation, steel splicing, over-sized prefabrication components production, dispatch, lightering and so on....
Add:16/F, West building, Science & Trade Center, No.100, Xiangyun Road, New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province,China.
General Manager:0574-86728577
Ship Department :0574-86723617
URL :http://www.zjmanyang.com/